Introducing Mygrate A new (and better) way to relocate

Mygrate is an online platform that put in communication migration experts and individuals in need of a consulting regarding all Immigration aspects, such as:

  • type of visa required according to the person’s situation and background;
  • alternative visas if the requirements change and/or if the person/business can reach specific requirements with some additional training and/or previous skills recognition;
  • documents to collect in order to obtain the necessary certifications and lodge a visa application;
  • applications process and support;
  • costs and timeframes.

Agents will be able to use their profile to advert their business and services, reaching a large target, not only locally, but nationally and internationally.

Users will be able to contact and interact with the expert of their choice based on feedback, skills, expertise, location, spoken languages and other factors.

The platform also aims to enable consultation through video conference, so to reduce time consuming, costs and transports (integration with already existing technologies).

It will also allow people to connect with the agents from different and remote locations, helping them to have a optimal level of knowledge regarding the immigration process before they actually relocate (currently most people first relocate on a temporary Visa in order to seek further information).

For example: a consultation from Italy with an Italian Migration Agent in Perth will allow the person to understand his/her real chances to relocate before actually moving to Australia to “see how it goes”.

Sign up with Mygrate as a user or a Migration Agent.

It’s free!!

The platform is still a prototype and needs your help to improve. Provide us with feedback!


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