Glimpse into the future 1 Mygrate for migrants

Mygrate is an online space where people can choose a Migration Agent and interact with them regarding all the aspects of relocating to Australia.

Nowadays Migration Agents run their own businesses, with their own portfolios, but without any network or community.
Mygrate aims to have all the Migration Agents in a single platform and to make them available online for people to connect, interact and provide feedback about their service.

Each Agent will have a profile including all the competences, skills, languages and services.
If required, client and agent will connect through Skype/video-chat.
This way the physical distance will not represent an issue with advantages for both parties:

  • the client will be able to reach an agent before relocating or from any location;
  • the agent will reach a larger number of clients;

Mygrate wants to be the go-to platform for anyone interested in relocating to Australia.

Having all the Migration Agents in one single platform will provide the following benefits:

  • quick way to find an Agent in the area of interest; also filtering by language and other aspects;
  • read feedback from other customers and provide feedback of your own experience with a particular agent. This will enable customers to make an informed choice before engaging a specific Agent;
  • no more distance barrier;
  • opportunity to know everything you need to know before you leave your Country;

In the future Mygrate will expand and improve, offering a larger number of features.

This project is just at the beginning, but we are already receiving positive feedback and interest from several users and agents.

Stay tuned for more 😉



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